WAFRAH AUTOMOTIVE had a modest start in the year 1999. After the passage of 18 years , Mr RAJ JETHANI Founder & Managing Director, still remains the guiding light and inspirational force behind the organization's phenomenal success.

His simple but highly effective philosophy of satisfying customers, small or big, through a mix of honesty, integrity and social awareness has become ingrained in all aspects of the business and is truly responsible for the Company’s unrivaled success.

With the growth of Dubai UAE as the commercial hub of the region, the company has emerged a strong leader in all fields of its endeavor and is poised for even greater challenges and achievements that await it in the future.


WAFRAH AUTOMOTIVE is an independently-owned business, established in 1999 by an automotive expert with over 18 years of vehicle sales experience. We provide a unique car buying experience for customers in the Asia , Africa , Cariban , Latin America & Middle East by providing inspected, top quality vehicles for all types of consumers, at a competitive price.

WAFRAH AUTOMOTIVE is specialized in Export of Brand new & Tax Free vehicles to Asian , African , Caribean , Latin American & Middle East markets.

WAFRAH AUTOMOTIVE offers a very competitive pricing along with a smooth & hassle free delivery process at your Port of convenience.

WAFRAH AUTOMOTIVE  offers very competitive pricing with smooth delivery on SPARE PARTS - GENUINE & AFTERMARKET.

Locate us
Head Office:
office No. 208
Business Venue Building,
Umm Hurrair Road,
Oud Mehta,
+971 4 396 6710
Fax: +971 4 396 6707

Show Room:
Showroom No. 248,
Souq Al Haraj,
+971 6 555 6330

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